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Customers rely on Independent Explosives for our exceptional customer service, on-time deliveries, complete order fulfillment, a wide array of quality products, and technical expertise.

Southland Holdings, LLC

Southland Holdings, LLC
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"The Low Level Outlet project is part of a larger program for NYC DEP. Part of the project includes excavating strong and abrasive sandstone with unconfined compressive strength varying from 17,870 psi to 28,990 psi, with average strength of 23,600 psi. This would not be possible without the use of explosives and the great service provided by Independent Explosives and their personnel. The expertise of John M. and Dave W. in planning the project and onsite training in the earlier stages was critical to the success of this portion of the project. Working with Willie B. in securing the necessary inventory and coordinating deliveries has been a pleasure, and the guys delivering to the site have been timely and professional. Steve S. has been our main driver and has been great, but all the guys have been stellar. Willie has even made deliveries to the site to accommodate our schedule. I wish all my suppliers were so easy to deal with and as professional as the team from Independent Explosives and Dyno Nobel!"

— John Arciszewski, Project manager Southland Holdings, LLC


Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.

Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.
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"Once again, the entire IEX / Dyno Team worked "Spot On" with our efforts and the Contractor, OSC, to achieve a safe, on-time and productive felling event. Your whole crew ALL pulled together. We needed your services and you all stepped up. This event was drawn out, extended and a delayed process due to circumstances beyond any of our control. Typical on these type jobs. ALL SAFE- We managed to pull it off together. 

"The main reason we choose to use IEX is you are all well grounded in field-mature technical knowledge and maintain sold SERVICE ethics few possess in these times."

— Ron Gilbert, Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.


Sapp Drilling & Blasting

Sapp Drilling & Blasting
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SAPP DRILLING & BLASTING, Sheshequin, PA, SR 1043 Road Widening
"Over the past 10 months, two of the drivers from Independent Explosives have been a huge part of my success on this job so far. They have done their best in being on time during the winter months when traffic is slow due to the road conditions, and also during the summer when it is at its busiest.

"The IEX bulk truck driver has worked very hard with us on this side hill cut during both freezing cold temperatures in the winter, along with intense heat in the summer. He has opened the eyes of the excavating company also in the sense that they need to prepare the area for drilling and blasting better so that it is accessible for us to work. His knowledge of the bulk blend truck is greatly appreciated while on the shot with our workers.

"The IEX van driver for package product has always been on time and does a great job with his paperwork daily. He is aware of various dates on his product and makes sure we use up the older product first before bringing out the newer date codes. He has made several early deliveries for us during the summer months so that we can beat some of the heat. He has a great professional attitude every day.

"I would also like to mention the help I received from the IEX Account Manager and the Dyno Nobel Tech from day one of this project. They were a part of our meetings with the D.O.T. and D.E.P. at the start of this job to help develop a blasting plan for both production and presplit blasting. They have helped in any way they could on the shots, especially on the presplit holes. The blasting background these guys brought to us has been very useful in the success of this project. IEX also assisted in helping us find a seismograph company in PA to monitor all of our blasts.

"I want to thank Independent Explosives and the employees for being helpful and professional while supporting Sapp Drilling & Blasting on this project over the recent months."

— Chris Sapp, Owner, Sapp Drilling & Blasting


Glasgow, Inc.  McCoy, Springhouse, Catanach & Andreas Quarries

Glasgow, Inc.  McCoy, Springhouse, Catanach & Andreas Quarries
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"On behalf of Glasgow, Inc., I would like to say thank you to Independent Explosives for a job well done this year so far. I would like to recognize the employees from IEX who have helped make my job enjoyable along with making our company successful.

"Bob K., Scott W., and JR J. have always been great to work with. They understand the meaning of getting the job done right and on time as they are always ready to go when my loading crew begins to work for the day. Yes, all trucks have issues at times, but these guys do not panic under tough situations. They are knowledgeable about the blend trucks they use and if they are slightly unsure, they know to make that phone call to Scott before something can go bad. They are fully aware of exactly where their trucks can and can not go in the quarry as we have had some rough areas over the year already. Their professionalism, knowledge and experience means a lot to my crew while on the quarry bench.

"Another driver is John D. from Independent Explosives who has gone above and beyond what is asked of him when making our detonator and booster deliveries. We service 4 quarries in PA, with 3 of those locations having explosive magazine storage on site for us. John is always the driver from Independent Explosives who delivers our magazine products. He will make all 3 deliveries in a day at our Springhouse, Catanach & McCoy quarries. When John arrives on site with his truck, we do not have to stand around as he goes through to see what items come off the truck at each location because he has them separated by location and by which location comes off first, second and third. This really means a lot to us, as each location we blast at requires different detonators for those quarries. Like the other drivers, John is always on time and very neat about his work, along with his courteous personality. I wish more workers in our industry could be like him.

"These daily deliveries of bulk and van trucks are made possible with the outstanding and long-time relationship I have with your salesman, Ed C. We have done business together for 20 years and I must say that his blasting background is nice to have on the bench. Ed will check in with me with a visit and/or phone calls to make sure we have our trucks scheduled 2 to 4 days in advance. He understands our quarries and is able to remind me that one of my quarries is due to blast to make sure to get an order in to reserve a truck.

"The Independent Explosives products and employees that I have mentioned are a big part of what makes Glasgow a success. I look forward to doing business with IEX yearly."

— Sam Buckwalter, Drilling & Blasting Superintendent, Glasgow, Inc.


American Rock Salt

AMERICAN ROCK SALT, Mount Morris, New York
"On 1/10/14 we called the guys at Adams Center asking for an emergency load to be delivered on the next morning, Saturday 1/11/14.

"We were aware that the Adams Center location had received several feet of snow within the last few days due to heavily concentrated Lake Effect snow in the area. The plant and town were literally blanketed with snow; it was a big news story, even making National Weather news.

"Even though they were having such a hard time with this weather, Mark Lavere,Chuck Lane and the crew got a trailer loaded, and the product was delivered on the following day (Saturday) as requested.

"There is another more recent instance that happened on Wednesday, 1/14/15, the coldest day of the year to that point. It was 14 degrees below zero.

American Rock Salt
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Due to this cold weather, I considered canceling our scheduled ANFO order (880 50lb bags) because I didn't think the truck would be here in time for us to put into our inventory. But, to my surprise, the truck was backed to our loading dock when I arrived at 5:30 am.

"Just one more act of dedication for the customer (Me) that goes unnoticed by many, except for us who depend on your product.


— Danny Anzalone, American Rock Salt, Mine Production Manager


Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.

Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.
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DYKON EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION CORP., Tulsa, OK (projects in Utica, NY and Millinocket, ME)
Typically, The Explosive Demolition Contractors Industry is a sporadic, ultra high exposure/profile and minimal explosive consumption industry. Providing explosive products are generally less than the actual site support costs associated. Servicing these accounts can be complicated and full of drama verses local continuous dedicated high volume customer accounts. Dykon Explosive Demolition reached out to Dyno/IEX to provide Daily Tail Gate Site stand-by services and explosive product support on two North Eastern US locations. Together we communicate, address issues and source available products in a timely manner start to finish.

"Dyno/IEX Service Provider Selection:

1. Products: The products required to safely and successfully fell these structures are industry standard production items, following IME recommended Best Practices. Quality & reliability straight from the box to application with no reservation.

2. Local: With imposed USDOT regulations- hours of duty service operation, the service provider must not compromise their companies adherence to law. Ability to provide us with a full days services and maintain compliance.

3. Turn Key Chain of Custody, Storage & Security: Maintaining on-site product control & security throughout a days loading operation with adequate supply, critical for a safe, compliant and productive activity. Contingency planning for emergencies and safe evacuation of products to a secure off-site location. Total compliant. Inventory Records documentation.

4. Industry Compliant: Adheres to all federal and local AHJ regulations & protocols.

5. Customer Service: Our ability to preform our job totally depends on other providers commitment to serve us. The entire TEAM stands or falls on individual actions. Establishing and maintaining a respective single point of contact to filter intel maintains positive control and results. Having a positive ability to work through living documents, scheduling & all subject to amendments is critical in our industry. IEX support is impeccable.

6. Competitive Price Points: Compensatory rates for both products and services.

"Three dedicated members of Team IEX who we communicated directly with and were there on- site for us. All respective jobs preformed flawlessly, on-time and above all, SAFE. Our success continues with your support. Thank you!"

— Ron Gilbert, Project Manager, Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.


Trap Rock Industries, LLC

TRAP ROCK INDUSTRIES, LLC, Kingston Quarry & Moore's Station Quarry, New Jersey
"I would like to take a moment to recognize your team of bulk truck operators for their consistently outstanding job performance. They are always very reliable and on time to our facilities. They always conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner. They're extremely knowledgeable about the truck operations and are always prepared for the job. They continually ensure that we are receiving your products to our specification and are adept at making on-the-spot changes to suit the needs of our blasters as our job requirements change.

"Our quarrying operations, located in central New Jersey are extremely busy, on pace to produce over 5 million tons of crushed stone this year. As such, we rely on our vendors to provide us with excellent products and outstanding service. Your operators, together with your superintendent, provide us with that outstanding service at all times."

— J. Robert (Bob) Sitarik, Drilling and Blasting Superintendent, Trap Rock Industries, LLC


Ed Wean Drilling and Blasting LLC

"I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Independent Explosives. Ed Wean Drilling and Blasting was very busy in recent months and appreciates the prompt and courteous service from Ed and the driver. The driver was always on time for our 5:00a.m. deliveries we required two or three times per week, which ensured my crew made it to our job sites on time. John's paperwork was always accurate, his appearance and that of his vehicle were always exemplary. Communication and availability of products have also been exceptional. Ed Wean Drilling and Blasting will continue to be a long-lasting, loyal customer due to the good impression made by these employees."

— Heather Wean-Havlik, Managing Partner, Ed Wean Drilling and Blasting, LLC


Cargill, Incorporated

"For approximately four years, Cargill Incorporated's Cayuga Mine in Lansing, NY has desired to make the change from receiving ANFO in 50lb. paper bags to receiving it in 1 ton bulk bags. The drive behind this change was to eliminate the safety concern of operators handling a combined 250 + bags every day (24 hrs). Handling these bags to fill the tanks for explosives trucks' pneumatic systems was long deemed a back injury waiting to happen and we wanted to partner with IEX to convert our systems to a bulk ANFO process. There were many questions and a few roadblocks along the journey that, without the persistence of David Whiteside, could easily have led all parties to abandon the project. Learning of and continuing the efforts of his predecessor, Dave was relentless in his pursuit to see that somehow our desire to have a bulk ANFO system would be realized. He worked his way through material issues such as DOT approval for necessary plastic totes to confine the filled bulk bags within the footprint of the pallets; acquisition of the bulk bags themselves (which in itself was difficult given the vendor being overseas); and printing of the IEX logo and other essential information on the bags. Dave also helped through several meetings to ensure that delivery and handling of the bags from the truck to our underground powder magazine would result in a seamless process. Dave should be commended for his perseverance to see this project through to completion.

"In a recent visit to our mine to trial run 2 bulk bags of ANFO through the above delivery process as well as to empty the bags into our haulage wagon and distribute to the explosives trucks, Mark LaVere accompanied Dave to see the results of the trial first-hand. Throughout my discussions with Mark during this visit, it was readily obvious that he had put forth much thought and effort to ensure that our needs would be fully met. Many vendors in businesses may be apt to first address their own concerns of how they could most easily handle the product in their own facility. It was obvious that Mark and his crew were primarily interested in satisfying our needs of handling the pallets/totes/bags from delivery to magazine; the ease of opening the bags for dispersal to our wagon; and how to secure the inner liner so as not to fall into our wagon, yet be easily removed from the reusable bulk bag. While observing our process, Mark also offered good suggestions for how we may choose to handle empty bags and totes for return to Adams Center and also was obviously considering how he may adjust his own processes to better accommodate our needs. It is commendable that Mark's efforts to put our needs before his own concerns contributed greatly to the success of this trial and will allow us to quickly move forward.

"It is certainly due to the perseverance and forward thinking by Dave and Mark that we are finally ready to accept our first bulk ANFO delivery on April 17 and to do so with confidence that our system will be readily adaptable to this change."

— Brian C. Bartlett, Production General Supervisor, Cargill Incorporated, Cayuga Mine, Lansing, NY


Cashman Dredging

"Just want to express my appreciation for the services provided by you and your crew on our past couple of projects. Despite constantly changing conditions, you and your crew were able to provide our projects (New Bedford, and Portland) with what we required without any loss of project production. It has been a pleasure to work with such an experienced and dedicated group of individuals and I hope that we can work together again in the near future."

— Nathan Gilbert, Drill Barge "Kraken" Superintendent, Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC



"We have just completed supplying the second of two consecutive projects in Newark Bay and the Arthur Kill channel. Northeast Dredging, a joint venture between Jay Cashman Dredging and Don John Marine, is finishing the excavation work at this time. The schedule was quite interesting with the project using approximately 60,000 lbs. a week, and 1300 plus special order detonators, as well. The coordination in ordering and delivery between Explosives Supply, Independent Explosives and Dyno Nobel was fantastic. We had a few glitches but (thanks to) the fast work of all involved we never had an interruption of supply in the 18 months the projects took to complete.

"My contact at Independent, Willie Bonelli, stayed on top of things and kept me informed with any problems or concerns as they arose. He did a great job for me keeping things going. He stored extra detonators and boosters, when necessary, getting them to me when I needed them. His crew was great, always on time and friendly. Also impressive was DYNO Transport and the plant personnel in Carthage. They had changing days and quantities to deal with but they kept in touch and were great to deal with. Again, I want to thank everyone at Independent and DYNO who made this possible."

— Ken Morris, President, Explosives Supply, Inc.


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