Southland Shaft Project

Gilboa Dam, NY

Gilboa Dam

Southland Shaft Project

  • Client: Southland Holdings, LLC

“The Low Level Outlet project is part of a larger program for NYC DEP. Part of the project includes excavating strong and abrasive sandstone with unconfined compressive strength varying from 17,870 psi to 28,990 psi, with an average strength of 23,600 psi. This would not be possible without the use of explosives and the great service provided by Independent Explosives and their personnel. The expertise of John M. and Dave W. in planning the project and onsite training in the earlier stages was critical to the success of this portion of the project. Working with Willie B. in securing the necessary inventory and coordinating deliveries has been a pleasure, and the guys delivering to the site have been timely and professional. Steve S. has been our main driver and has been great, but all the guys have been stellar. Willie has even made deliveries to the site to accommodate our schedule. I wish all my suppliers were so easy to deal with and as professional as the team from Independent Explosives and Dyno Nobel!”

— John Arciszewski, Project manager Southland Holdings, LLC

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