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Past & Present

Independent Explosives, Inc. (IEX) is an independent retail distributor of commercial explosives to the mining, underground mining, seismic exploration, quarry, pipeline, coal and construction industries. From strategic locations throughout the Northeast, we supply New England, New York, and Pennsylvania Markets, offering quality Dyno Nobel products and services. In fact, IEX is the only authorized Dyno Nobel distributor in the Northeast. The name Independent Explosives, in the explosives industry, conjures up a long and prestigious history of formulating, making and selling all kinds of explosives. From its beginning in 1936, and through the four "brother-sister" companies which formed up through the mid 50's (Independent Explosives Company, Chemex Supply Corporation, Independent Explosives Co. of Pennsylvania, and Independent Explosives Co. of West Virginia), IEX progressed from processing various types of nitroglycerin-based explosives, including permissible dynamites, to the manufacturing of ammonium nitrate blasting agents, and finally, in the mid 80s, to the manufacturing of bulk emulsion explosives.

Safety & Services

Today’s Independent Explosives, Inc. continues that tradition with exemplary service and safety standards. We adhere to the highest industry safety standards at all our locations, in every aspect of our operations from handling to storage to transport. And our focus is one of delivering not only innovative explosives PRODUCTS, but also delivering VALUE to our customers. IEX is committed to helping you reach new heights of productivity and profitability.

In addition to providing quality explosives and blasting products, our services, in combination with Dyno Nobel, include:

  • MSHA/Blaster Technical Training
  • Technical On-Site Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Signature Hole Analysis
  • Final Wall Control
  • Blast Optimization Team
  • Underground Productivity

Supply & Technical Partner

Our customers find that having a strong supply and technical partner in the blasting industry is key. In turn, we recognize that customer relationships are an essential part of our own business success. So, our goal is to earn your trust and be your supplier of choice. Working side by side with our customers, the EMPLOYEE OWNERS of Independent Explosives offer ideas, based in extensive experience. An American Company proud to have the American eagle as our icon, IEX is ready to spread our wings in attendance to your needs and help you soar to new levels of success.

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