Dredging NJ Harbor

New Jersey

Dredging New Jersey Harbor

Dredging NJ Harbor

  • Client: Explosives Supply, Inc.

“We have just completed supplying the second of two consecutive projects in Newark Bay and the Arthur Kill channel. Northeast Dredging, a joint venture between Jay Cashman Dredging and Don John Marine, is finishing the excavation work at this time. The schedule was quite interesting with the project using approximately 60,000 lbs. a week, and 1300 plus special order detonators, as well. The coordination in ordering and delivery between Explosives Supply, Independent Explosives and Dyno Nobel was fantastic. We had a few glitches but (thanks to) the fast work of all involved we never had an interruption of supply in the 18 months the projects took to complete.

“My contact at Independent, Willie Bonelli, stayed on top of things and kept me informed with any problems or concerns as they arose. He did a great job for me keeping things going. He stored extra detonators and boosters, when necessary, getting them to me when I needed them. His crew was great, always on time and friendly. Also impressive was DYNO Transport and the plant personnel in Carthage. They had changing days and quantities to deal with but they kept in touch and were great to deal with. Again, I want to thank everyone at Independent and DYNO who made this possible.”

— Ken Morris, President, Explosives Supply, Inc.