American Rock Salt Emergency ANFO Deliveries

Emergency anfo deliveries

American Rock Salt Emergency ANFO Deliveries

  • Client: American Rock Salt

“On 1/10/14 we called the guys at Adams Center asking for an emergency load to be delivered on the next morning, Saturday 1/11/14.

“We were aware that the Adams Center location had received several feet of snow within the last few days due to heavily concentrated Lake Effect snow in the area. The plant and town were literally blanketed with snow; it was a big news story, even making National Weather news.

“Even though they were having such a hard time with this weather, Mark Lavere,Chuck Lane and the crew got a trailer loaded, and the product was delivered on the following day (Saturday) as requested.

“There is another more recent instance that happened on Wednesday, 1/14/15, the coldest day of the year to that point. It was 14 degrees below zero.

“Due to this cold weather, I considered canceling our scheduled ANFO order (880 50lb bags) because I didn’t think the truck would be here in time for us to put into our inventory. But, to my surprise, the truck was backed to our loading dock when I arrived at 5:30 am.

“Just one more act of dedication for the customer (Me) that goes unnoticed by many, except for us who depend on your product.


— Danny Anzalone, American Rock Salt, Mine Production Manager

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