SR 1043 Road Widening Project

Sheshequin, PA

SR 1043 Road Widening Project

SR 1043 Road Widening Project

  • Client: Sapp Drilling & Blasting

“Over the past 10 months, two of the drivers from Independent Explosives have been a huge part of my success on this job so far. They have done their best in being on time during the winter months when traffic is slow due to the road conditions, and also during the summer when it is at its busiest.

“The IEX bulk truck driver has worked very hard with us on this side hill cut during both freezing cold temperatures in the winter, along with intense heat in the summer. He has opened the eyes of the excavating company also in the sense that they need to prepare the area for drilling and blasting better so that it is accessible for us to work. His knowledge of the bulk blend truck is greatly appreciated while on the shot with our workers.

“The IEX van driver for package product has always been on time and does a great job with his paperwork daily. He is aware of various dates on his product and makes sure we use up the older product first before bringing out the newer date codes. He has made several early deliveries for us during the summer months so that we can beat some of the heat. He has a great professional attitude every day.

“I would also like to mention the help I received from the IEX Account Manager and the Dyno Nobel Tech from day one of this project. They were a part of our meetings with the D.O.T. and D.E.P. at the start of this job to help develop a blasting plan for both production and presplit blasting. They have helped in any way they could on the shots, especially on the presplit holes. The blasting background these guys brought to us has been very useful in the success of this project. IEX also assisted in helping us find a seismograph company in PA to monitor all of our blasts.

“I want to thank Independent Explosives and the employees for being helpful and professional while supporting Sapp Drilling & Blasting on this project over the recent months.”

— Chris Sapp, Owner, Sapp Drilling & Blasting

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