Utica and Millinocket Explosive Product Support

Utica, NY & Millinocket, ME

Dykon Implosion

Utica and Millinocket Explosive Product Support

  • Client: Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.

“Typically, The Explosive Demolition Contractors Industry is a sporadic, ultra high exposure/profile and minimal explosive consumption industry. Providing explosive products are generally less than the actual site support costs associated. Servicing these accounts can be complicated and full of drama verses local continuous dedicated high volume customer accounts. Dykon Explosive Demolition reached out to Dyno/IEX to provide Daily Tail Gate Site stand-by services and explosive product support on two North Eastern US locations. Together we communicate, address issues and source available products in a timely manner start to finish.

“Dyno/IEX Service Provider Selection:

1. Products: The products required to safely and successfully fell these structures are industry standard production items, following IME recommended Best Practices. Quality & reliability straight from the box to application with no reservation.

2. Local: With imposed USDOT regulations- hours of duty service operation, the service provider must not compromise their companies adherence to law. Ability to provide us with a full days services and maintain compliance.

3. Turn Key Chain of Custody, Storage & Security: Maintaining on-site product control & security throughout a days loading operation with adequate supply, critical for a safe, compliant and productive activity. Contingency planning for emergencies and safe evacuation of products to a secure off-site location. Total compliant. Inventory Records documentation.

4. Industry Compliant: Adheres to all federal and local AHJ regulations & protocols.

5. Customer Service: Our ability to preform our job totally depends on other providers commitment to serve us. The entire TEAM stands or falls on individual actions. Establishing and maintaining a respective single point of contact to filter intel maintains positive control and results. Having a positive ability to work through living documents, scheduling & all subject to amendments is critical in our industry. IEX support is impeccable.

6. Competitive Price Points: Compensatory rates for both products and services.

“Three dedicated members of Team IEX who we communicated directly with and were there on- site for us. All respective jobs preformed flawlessly, on-time and above all, SAFE. Our success continues with your support. Thank you!”

— Ron Gilbert, Project Manager, Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp.

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